Hi, onein300 here! I hope the title enticed you into my lurid world!!

Firstly, it’s Thanksgiving in the USA. Best wishes to all my American friends and followers.

This thing that I live with, MND/ALS, really does have surprises up its sleeve.

My eating is still fine, but I do cough a bit sometimes after eating. This happens when I eat say “spicy nuts!” I love those spicy nuts! Who doesn’t?

Why is this happening? Well it’s all part of muscle weakness and in particular, muscle spasms in the throat. This can lead to an out of synch situation between windpipe and gullet.

One of the things that can happen is sudden nasal expiration!

You still there readers? Don’t worry the gore will be over soon.

This can happen to any of us, but for MND sufferers it can happen progressively more.

I have been fortunate, and my eating and breathing are not as yet affected, but I did have one sudden example of such nasal expiration. Jean was rather upset, as it involved a glass of Verve Clicquot!

I swigged it back only to suddenly choke and see the contents reappear out of my nose! What a waste!

I was of course banished from the good bottles!

Christmas shopping is proceeding at a pace with our house turning into an Amazon distribution warehouse.


We now have a regular Amazon delivery associate! So much so, that I think we need to buy him something for Xmas. Right, …….click, click, ….he can deliver it to himself!

Technology has made this time of year so much easier for me. Trawling around shops for presents is not too enjoyable, with the crowds of single-minded revellers all aiming to knock me into the nearest gutter. This Wednesday I was making my way through Chichester at my snail’s pace, when suddenly a lady in a mobility scooter sped past me with clearance of about 1.5mm! Pavement Hog!! Scared the living ***** out of me. I am sure there are pubs where groups of Scoots meet and terrorise the carvery queue. “Out of my way, let me at the horseradish!

This week I have got our central heating all remotely controllable from our smartphones. No stretching for thermostats or timers. So a bit more planning completed. There is a somewhat odd pleasure in “igniting” a gas boiler remotely whilst driving home! Must try some hacking of my enemies’ systems!

One of the great joys of life is relaying stories to friends and loved ones. With my slowed and slurred voice I have developed a cunning way to read news articles if I want to tell people about them. I don’t read it word for word, but rather quote the odd word, adapt the story and provide short cuts.

The absolute highlight of this week for me, however, has been meeting a lovely lady on the Internet.

NO readers, it’s not what you are thinking!! Your minds are a mess!

I have made the acquaintance of someone with the same twisted view of life as me, whilst living with MND/ALS.

Through twitter and my blog I was fortunate to come across the wonderful ALS blog of Dagmar Munn in the USA. Dagmar has had MND/ALS for 5 years and is determined to live life to the full. I find her stories and writings inspiring. Dagmar, you are now on my favourites links! Thank you for your comments on my writings.

Dagmar’s father (George Nissen) was very very interesting.  He invented the Trampoline. Take a read about his Great Pyramid Caper. Dagmar, I can see where you got your “joie de vivre” from! Readers, I promise you will regret it if you don’t read about George! But please return here after!


George Nissen on top of one of the Pyramids!

courtesy of Ron and Dagmar Munn

I’ll wait whilst you read about George……

Dum de dum de dum, fiddle de deee………….

Do de ho ho ….

It was good yes?

George was a dreamer that dared. Perhaps we should all try that a little.

Talking of dreams, I just had an awful dream last night. Apparently, if you read about MND symptoms, nightmares are common. However, this was quite horrific.

It was the year 2040, and Adele had just released her new record, entitled 50, and was still droning on about how bad men have treated her!  But worse of all, Sir Cliff Richard had just released his 597nd album and was in my wheelchair performing on stage!

This was enough to wake me up! Dreams huh.

Christmas is coming, and my #ItsAOnein400Xmas Post is evolving.

This year, our Xmas plans are, as you can say, fluid. ie we have no plans, aside from moaning at the price of Xmas trees! So I have been tasked, by Jean, to sort something out this week!

Next week’s post will be a serious affair! So you may want to read OK or HELLO magazine instead. But I promise it will be interesting.

Right back to Black Friday, on with the shopping, click, click.

(Door bell rings). What’s that articulated lorry doing outside? JEAN what the ******* have you ordered!!!

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  1. How do you manage this online shopping without returns? I’ve had a go but there are no big piles of boxes behind the front door. Most of the stuff I have delivered I then end up taking to the post office the following day…Helga


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