Good Sunday all. Only a week now until Christmas and my traditional (well there’s only been one before) Post! 3pm Christmas Day. Set your clocks, make sure you have dropped your in-laws off home, and settle down in time for the post!

Here is the final reveal of my MNDA Christmas card before next week. Who is the big star from the Bragg family lurking, raising money for the MNDA wearing the MNDA T-shirt, and why does Hank Bragg’s shirt appear torn to shreds!?


Help me reach £11,000 for the year by donating to my “One Way or Another” MNDA fund. Please share as much as you dare! Apparently there are some people who have not heard of the Bragg family!

Lord Bragg is threatening to put that pesky Robin in the reveal if I don’t raise enough money. I am under a tough sales target here. Help me! I hope I can convince him to allow the reveal, but let’s not take a chance.