This week, I must admit, my creative juices have not been flowing well. I am having what creative people call a “block”. Or what ordinary folk call – being “S*** at my job”. My sales friends, please try using this phrase at your next sales review – “I am having a block”. Imagine the response!

Oh, I just can’t be bothered, I need inspiration. Coffee please…. arhh that’s better.

What is the inspiration for my post this week?

Well, I have always been a precise person, liking to do things just right. In addition, now I have this disease, precision is even more important.

Vertical stability is my 100% aim, and has resulted in totally new behaviours

Walking with my head down, watching every crack in the pavement, I now look a right miserable so and so. But I assure you, if you if stop me, I will look directly into your eyes and discuss any subject.

When turning, I try to stabilise myself by holding something. Catching a coat pocket on a door knob is something that needs avoiding. Ripping a giant hole in your clothes would only compound the falling embarrassment.

I now take time over things which I used to think absolutely nothing about. I didn’t realise how we just naturally stabilise our bodies. Take the task of grabbing your keys, wallet, mobile phone and putting into your pockets. I now do this standing or sitting still. It needs my entire focus to prevent falling over.

Actually, this leads me to my life lesson learned. The number 3 in the countdown to Xmas day is

Once you have done something once, it becomes easy.

This applies to everything in life, and also all trades and skills from plumbing to major medical surgery!

For example, changing a tap washer is easy once you have changed one. More recently, I was wrapping some slightly odd-shaped Xmas presents. The first one, was misfolded, twisted and I was really clumsy with it. On the second one, it was like clockwork, and appeared as if I had been doing it for years.

I have always liked to try new things, including skills I was really wasn’t really at all qualified for. We used to have an old red Mini, rather like this one on my cup.


Once, I decided to change the brake calipers. For those of you who do not know what they are, all you need to know is that it involves brake fluid and brakes, ie safety items!

But, that was no obstacle to me! It took me all afternoon to do the first one, but the second one took me minutes. I did all the safety checks. We drove it for several years afterwards and she passed all the MOTs!

So why are you going on about this Lee?

Well, don’t ever be scared of any challenge put in front of you.

Actually, I wonder if my neurologist would like a different job skill? I bet sometimes he just wishes he could just take the KFC orders in a drive through!  He would need training, but I am sure he would get the hang of it.

Trainer – “Say good afternoon, and ask the customer what they want”

Neurologist – “Good afternoon Mr and Mrs Jones. Can you tell me about your symptoms that led you to come to KFC today?”

Customer – “err, Twisted Zinger mate with fries please”

Neurologist – “Mrs Jones,  Does Mr Jones often purchase a Twisted Zinger?”

Customer – “Look here smarty pants, I just feel like a Zinger with fries…….”

Neurologist – “I need an objective answer please..”

But back to a serious point. Everyone has to do something for the first time. Never assume that people you meet in life are smarter or more qualified than you. They almost certainly are not. Just be inquisitive, and never afraid.

Right, we have a lot of these in our garden…..


A new skill, edible mushroom identification!? What could possibly go wrong? Now was it dark spores, wide cap, or white spores, narrow cap?

I might even sell them on eBay. “Lee’s choice Mould and Fungi”. I would have to write a disclaimer though.

Good news readers! I have just had an unblocking and the juices are flowing again! I know I promised just the one life lesson, but I have just had a thought about one that is not in the top 3, but is important, very important.

“Think before you speak, or even write”

Although most of my posts are just stupid rambles, I do like to write serious stuff about MND. This week, you may have seen my “Good News?” post. Also I have another serious one coming up regarding “How do we find a solution to MND?”

I have found writing has really helped me review what I am thinking. Once you put something down on paper and read it over and over again, you start to realise the implications of what you are saying, and how it might just be interpreted by different readers. I thought I had prepared the new article on MND Solution above, but recent writings on other blogs have made me want to change it again, and specifically based on potential reaction. So there is a delay there, guys!

Just on the humorous side, I would like to recount an absolutely true story, that I was a part of, to really encourage you to think before you speak. I have changed names and places to protect the Idiot! Firstly, I was completely innocent here, although entertained!

Many many years ago, I remember talking with 3 male colleagues at work in the corridor of my work establishment, when a rather attractive young lady walked past and out into reception. One of my 3 colleagues made a rather typical male comment (you know complimentary but perhaps a little naughty) to us regarding said delightful young lady, who we shall call Julie for demonstration purposes. She didn’t hear, as my colleague had made sure no one else was around when he made his comment (smart lad, I thought). However, colleague number 2 waited until colleague number 1 had finished his comments, to suddenly say “colleague 1, have you met Julie’s Dad?!” pointing directly at colleague 3!!!!

Fortunately, Julie’s Dad was able to laugh and enjoy the moment. But it could have been awful. Anyway, don’t be one of those people who is completely oblivious to a potential situation.

So I am now, very, very cautious. No political posts on Facebook, and nothing anyone can take offence with.

Ok team, it really is close now, yes the #ItsAOnein400Xmas is only 2 weeks away.


So set your alarms, smartphones, whatever to 3pm.  I am setting my post to automatically publish at precisely 3pm. I am expecting a bumper audience, and I will be monitoring!!!

See yah all next week!!!

Oh, one last thing on precision. I am now using a fitbit to measure my steps everyday. Use it or lose it! It’s a great motivator if I don’t get to the gym. Fitbit also measures sleep, the cunning thing! Below is a screen shot showing that I dozed off in a film on tv on Saturday night at 10pm, along with being woken up for snoring by Jean, twice (thin blue lines)! Genius!