I hope you all enjoyed my foray into video blogging with Lord Lee Bragg. I am trying to locate him again so we might do another vlog in a few weeks time. I have been asked where is he now?

Apparently he was still in Brighton during 1990, running a game and poultry Michelin starred restaurant. Strangely that year there was a massive decline in Seagulls in Brighton!

However, since then he has been elusive, but the seagull population has recovered. I will find him and he will return.

I wanted to write this very short post just to elaborate on Lord Lee’s mention of my friend Cathy and her current trip to Antarctica.

Cathy has planned this trip for a while, but asked me how could she help MND. I suggested that she takes a selfie with a cup of tea in the most southerly spot. She should be doing this within the next 10 days, and once she has got back to main land will tweet the pictures.

What exactly is the Tea4MND campaign?

It is often said that a simple cup of tea can solve any problem. Well Pete Collins decided to start the Tea4MND campaign in late 2015. He thought, why not put that to the test by seeing if by having a cup of tea, we can help solve the problem of finding a cure for Motor Neurone Disease and raising vital funds and awareness at the same time. Having a cup of tea, and making it, is something we all take for granted. However, for an MND sufferer making and enjoy that tea can become difficult and eventually impossible. Cathy in doing a selfie in the Antarctic will also highlight the extreme difficulty MND patients have in cold weather. A double whammy.

So here is how to get involved……

1. Make a Brew

2. Take a #SelfTea4MND (Selfie with your brew)

3.Donate to MND Association by texting TMND55 £5 to 70070 or by visiting http://www.justgiving.com/Tea4MND

4.Nominate others to get involved

Later this week, I will be looking for more of your help! “Oooh Lee, how cryptic”.

You will have to wait until Friday to find out details!

Here is Lord Lee Bragg’s selfie! Can’t get him to do anything right!