Well what a week. Jean and I won with a couple of small bets on the Grand National! Thanks to Lord Bragg for his tip. It also enabled me to complete my pledge of making a good donation to the MNDA via my One Way Or Another fund.

I donated in Lord Bragg’s name for tax reasons! Lord Bragg told me he still has some Italian Lira and French Francs that he needs to offload.

Lord Lee Bragg has also asked me to pass his thanks on to those of you who called him a bit “dodgy“. He has tried so hard to maintain this image and hearing that you agree has made him chuffed to pieces.

Before I report my usual ramblings, many apologies for being late with this week’s post. We had friends over last night, and it was a late night. Jean and I have that “we stayed up too late last night feeling”. It’s an odd combination of metabolic issues, and why is that child outside making such a loud noise!

Well the darn EU politics is boring the hell out of me already and we haven’t even started the real campaign for June! Importantly readers, June is also MND/ALS awareness month, and we all need to ensure that the politics doesn’t obliterate the vital fundraising! I will rely on you, my followers, to help! We need to hijack hashtags etc. I will formulate a cunning plan. Anyone interested in helping, tweet quoting


but keep it to yourself, it’s secret!

On Monday, I had my 6 monthly appointment with my Neurologist. It’s always an apprehensive time the day before and during, but it went well. I think his exact words on me entering the room were “your walking is more clumpy!”. Charming! We had a good chat about cycling, as I know it’s a hobby of his, and he was duly fascinated by my trike.

Anyway, I feel that he will be a good contender for the lead role in Lord Lee Bragg’s new film production “Carry on Neurologist”. Unfortunately, the great Sid James is no longer with us and will not be able to take part as he was Lord Bragg’s first choice. However, planning for the Sid James-Experience MNDA fundraiser on June 4th continued this week. If you are in the Rowlands Castle area on the 4th June, please try to attend what is promised to be a great event!

Whilst at the consultant’s, I had a blood test, and became very concerned when I thought I saw Pamela Bragg masquerading as a blood nurse! Fortunately this was just a horrific dream, and my nurse was great. Don’t know about you, but having a blood test is one of those occasions when you “talk gibberish” to try and mask what is only actually a small prick but promises arm wrenching pain. I normally have my tests done elsewhere, and this was a new nurse! (Da da daaaaaaa). Didn’t feel a thing. The best yet!

Listened to a bit on the telly on Sunday about the different leave EU campaigns, Brexit, Vote Leave and Grassroots out. It reminded me of the Monty Python scene from the film The Life of Brian, – The Judeans People’s Front and the People’s Front of Judea (w******s). As an aside, this film is in my top 10 films of all time. It is apparently not right or “artistic” to have a comedy in one’s all time favourite film list, but I do so there, yah boo sucks!

What else has happened this week? Well I won’t go into detail, but something reminded me of the following hilarious TV comedy sketch from a UK Dark Comedy series called Jam many years ago – Thick People. If you are like me, you will appreciate this. If you don’t, sorry (but it’s true!)

On Thursday, I had heard a rumour that Elvis was still alive and playing at our local pub! Off we went, and yes he was there! Absolute proof I tell you, take it from me, he is alive. I got into the swing of things and wore my Blue Suede shoes! Thank goodness they didn’t ask me to dance! It took me half an hour to get them on!


Here’s Elvis appearing from the kitchen, just near the microwave and toaster.


“two americanos with milk, please, Mr Presley”

Also on Thursday I had my regular hour of deep tissue massage and was then asked to enter this room. It was all included in the price!


This is known as a reformer. Half an hour of extra fun, and I got to keep the mask!

Oh, so what about Kylie, Lee? Well she sang a song “Better the devil you know”. It will probably be the decider in the EU referendum, in my view. Anyway Lord Lee Bragg has a few bob on the outcome of the referendum. Again, any winnings to the MNDA. So please all vote to stay in to maximise Lord Bragg’s donations! Ooh that’s nearly political Lee!

Till next week folks!


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  1. Oh come on, you can’t talk about Sid James and then in the next sentence expect to get away with “…try and mask what is only actually a small prick”.


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