Hi readers! Only a short post this week.

Unfortunately Lord Lee Bragg has been interfering with the production and editorial content of my post and, to say the least, there are disagreements on what should and should not be written!

He wants ridiculous and annoying chit-chat to be part of each week’s post! I am in complete disagreement with him and refuse to dumb down my content or pander to the masses! Those of you who are regular readers of the internet will understand my anger!

For example he wants me to write a..

10 things we didn’t know this time last week” section!

Jeesh, I am not lowering myself to that level! But worst of all he also wants me to write a..

This story will melt your heart!” type post!

I told Lord Lee that I come from a time of quality “copy” and creativity and will not bow to his unreasonable demands!

He responded by implementing condition 5 of his Energy Supply Contract, from Bragg’s Gas & Electricity, and cut off our power!

All I can hope is that we resolve our dispute by next week, allowing me to bring to you a quality post.

In the meantime, in the age-old tradition of “Rain stopped play” please enjoy the following posts from my archive! These are some of my most popular posts so far!!

First. This is my Voice Banking post. You may be aware that MND will typically cause you to lose your ability to speak. With modern technological capabilities, you can now create a personalised synthetic voice that can be used with many communication aids. When I was diagnosed, I looked around to find out how to do it and found the information sparse. However, after actually Banking my own voice, I documented a step by step guide on exactly how to achieve it in your own home! This post documents the story, dummy’s guide and a video of me using the tech all served up in the usual onein400 patented method!

This second post, also from over a year ago now, talks about disease progression, again in the typical onein400 way!

And for those of you who have not seen Lord Lee Bragg in actual real action. Here is his time travel video blog. Again from over a year ago, showing Bragg in his office reading a week of news from January 2016 but in 1985!! I have been trying to send some information back in time yet again to him, and hope to release a new video soon!!

Finally I have noticed that the recent half term post was not well read! So now you are all back from skiing, you may like to catch up!! Not that I am watching you! That handy Bragg Spyware is providing some interesting statistics!

Sorry I have to go, Lord Bragg is trying to post without my permission!!