Hello, readers! This is your pilot speaking, Captain onein400! We are just coming into land. However, we are going to have to circle for a while. About a week, ok?

In place of a regular post this week, a memories post!

Why” you ask? Am I writing about an event in the news, and that I think is now inappropriate?

No, eager onein400 fans! I have just got totally behind in writing a new post! And, of course there is also the onein400 Christmas post to work on. Unlike John Lewis, I don’t have £7m to spend, only about £20 and all the chocolate digestives I can eat!

To keep you entertained and prevent you from having to watch the X factor, or even worse day time TV, I have assembled two of my video blogs! For those of you relatively new to my blog, these are nearly 2 years old (almost vintage) and feature one of my alter egos (he is real though) Lord Lee Bragg.

I have recently received a couple of comments asking me to record a video blog. I had completely forgotten that my blog has been sailing the internet for a while, and some video blogs already exist! For my new readers, these may be not familiar to you.

I hope with the recent news, both in and out of politics, these can bring a little joy to our down trodden, modern, fun sapped lives (ooooh political Lee!).

If you are easily offended, look away. I say “Be more like Lord Lee!” Mind you, Jean has just asked me if I would like custard with my apple crumble!!!!! Of course!!!! Offended!!! #obvious!

So, on with the entertainment. Let’s go back to January 2016, and a time travel vlog. In this episode I asked Lord Lee Bragg to read the news of the week (Jan 2016) from his office in 1985, located in Brighton. I sent him a script via a time machine. It was the week David Bowie died. For the full blog post, see It’s about time you saw my ugly mug again.

Secondly, here is Lord Bragg at rock bottom, filmed in 2009, in perhaps the very worst job in the world! This is from my Keeping close to the line post that is about what I do to try slow my MND progression down.

Will he turn up again in a new video blog?

You will just have to wait and see!