Hi, readers!

It’s the Bank Holiday special, or rather the post Bank Holiday edition delayed for reasons beyond my control. This week is sponsored by Bragg’s BBQs, ex government surplus single use, instant lighting garden cooking devices. I can only hope that the advice in this how to enjoy your Bank Holiday post has been heeded now a week after the event!

Please note we do advise that the Bragg’s BBQ is NOT ignited by anyone considering becoming pregnant in the near or even extremely dim and dim distant future. The special qualities of this unique summer cooking enclosure do come at a cost!

It’s was a record temperature for our May Day holiday, fab! I hope you got your food ready early and checked those expiry dates just like myself with this very very hot chilli sauce?

A week since our bathroom was completed and all is well in onein400 land. How did we all manage before soft close loo seats?! Things you never knew you needed until you get them! More on the loo seat later.

Just the finishing touches to do now, including the grab rail fitting after we have spent a bit of time identifying the best locations after a week or so of experience. There was no way in a million months of Sunday’s (what a great phrase) that we were going to have hospital looking ones. Well, not unless Nurse Penny is supplied along with them!!

So we have purchased some of Lord Bragg’s, signature, engraved, heated grab rails.

After replacing a faulty thermostat in one, all was well with these remarkable, comfortable and luxurious stainless steel items.

On a very serious note regarding grab rails. There are some suction pad ones on the market. They are NOT cheap, and claim to have a warning indicator on the device if it loses suction. Let’s just think about this…….. What if it loses suction at the precise moment of grip??! This is a totally flawed concept, readers. It’s too risky to trust, but also why would you ever use them when you can guarantee 100% security with screw attached ones. We are not climbing a tall glass building! Totally crazy marketing over the reality product.

“Oooh Lee, that was a rather strong opinion!” Oh yes, let’s not beat about the bush!

Now it’s on to next house change, but what might that be?

I have been cooking a fair bit and it is something I can still do well and enjoy. It’s just the getting ready, and “damm I have to go to the fridge again”. Once it’s all laid out, I am still remarkably safe with a mixer and meat cleaver!

Another task I still enjoy is odd jobs, like fixing the vacuum cleaner. I even offer advice to others. For example recently, as a result of Jean’s over enthusiasm for cleaning the handheld machine meant that she submerged the head in water for a thorough scrub! “Err, you do know there’s a motor in there yes?” Doh! Anyway my guidance to leave it turned off for a whole day worked and we still have an operational device. Hurrah!

Arhh, that sends my mind off to great household disaster stories! We all have them. I must write a post about them. You are welcome to send me your stories and I will make them into a saga!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the sun and BBQ. Of course you needed music and tunes to accompany the time. No doubt you used your Bluetooth speakers and popped on a playlist. You might have liked some of my new playlists that I have recently composed to help during such smoky events, including

Not a single *** song by Ed Sheeran Playlist

Summer playlists should always begin with Keith Richards playing the opening bars of Start me up!! Proper music! Get my drift, readers!

Mind you, I am going to sue the Stones as I did see them in concert on their farewell tour in 1981! Trade’s description act! Do they have no expiry date!? Hopefully not.

Oh one last true story, and related to expiry. Two weeks ago, whilst at my physio having a massage I predicted that ABBA would never ever get back together again during the “guess the 80’s song” quiz we often do during the karma session!

Of course, they have now announced that they are!!

So to hopefully bring more good news I today predict that Pink Floyd will never stand on the same stage ever again!

Readers, Jean says I have to apologise for my Ed Sheeran comment. Of course she is quite right. If you want to listen to Ed Sheeran that is your right and I hoped you enjoyed your Bank Holiday like everyone else. However, it would have been appreciated if you were playing such a playlist that you put up warning signs near your house to advise passers by. Thanks if you did, and if not, please consider such precautions in the future.

“Pass the Bragg’s instant BBQ lighter paste for the BBQ Jean…………..”

Oooh that scorched and tingled a bit!! Should I warn people?

Next week Lord Bragg brings his second hand car sales online! What a guy!

Oh the more on the soft close loo seat???

I had a dream that I fell down the loo, and the seat started to close slowly trapping me!! Horrific!