“And I won’t be surprised if it’s a dream….”

Yes, the immortal words of Karen Carpenter.

We visited the Top of the World last week. Well, certainly the top of North Wales. It’s now a regular trip for us. A seven hour drive that always seems to flow by knowing what beautiful scenery we are to encounter.

And this trip turned out to be extra extra special, with wall to wall sunshine. It wasn’t a dream! Oddly, but very welcome, the earth had shifted on its equatorial axis and North Wales got the weather most associated with our home county of Sussex. Apparently, back home it was horrendous!

We started our drive early Saturday. The earth must have shifted just near Shrewsbury when we saw some ladies out walking, who frankly, should cover up more. But it was an indication of the impending heat to come.

Of course it’s the festival season now and just past Telford a sign for BraggFest2018 caught our eye. Wow, yes Lord Bragg’s timeless weekend of fun!

Lord Bragg has told me to tell you that if you are going to his festival the directions were slightly incorrect in the pamphlet issued with the tickets.

He says it’s left after the A217 and right at Bragg’s Organic Vegetables, and then sharp right after Bragg’s Pesticide Warehouse (drivers are advised to keep all windows and vents closed as they pass the factory) and then its left into Bragg’s Sewage farm.

It looks like an upcoming fine weekend of fun. Music and wicker sacrificial effigy making, all washed down by a chilled lentil soup. And best of all, DJ Bragg will be playing his House Music Set from 2000, that is 100% certified Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift free!! They were only 7 back then and all safely behind the gates of a school! If only they could have been guided into jobs with the council!

In addition to this post, I am also posting the first of several posts for MND awareness month and in particular Global Awareness Day on the 21st June. Yes it is June again/already folks!

My first post is aptly titled Weapon of ChoiceNot a fat boy slim tune heard at BraggFest, but a discussion on personalised medicine and it’s implications, if there are any for us, with MND. But it also raises some very interesting questions about the future search for a treatment. Thought provoking in awareness month!

Just before leaving for Wales the final touches were applied to our new bathroom with the fitting of a cabinet and mood lighting!! On asking Jean whether this meant it was indicating times when she was in a mood, I got a rather short and curt reply! Needless to say it’s now on 24 hours a day!

I think I mentioned the VAT free (tax) nature of certain bathroom fittings and installation if you are disabled before? Some suppliers of products simply don’t charge VAT if you state that you are disabled and you just give them a declaration of your chronic condition. Some request the UK HMRC form and some require you to pay VAT and then send in forms/evidence to claim back from them the supplier.

We had a mixture of all three when purchasing services and products for our bathroom. Readers please don’t miss out on this hugely beneficial saving if you, or a loved one, has a chronic condition. 20% is no small amount.

So if you are carrying out works or acquiring products that are for a disabled person, always ask your supplier which way they enable the deduction.

Our trip to Wales was well planned and stops and walking devices (sticks and rollator) were always to hand. I now always use the rollator when going into a roadside cafe (eg Starbucks).  I had to cross a narrow road the other day with just a stick, and I can tell you progress is slow, and if a car came round the corner I would be very friendly with their windscreen wipers and bonnet! (That’s windshield wipers and hood for my American friends).

That does remind me of several trips to Dubai, when they were building a lot in the Dubai Marina. We used to cross a motorway wearing flip flops to get to the beach!! It was quicker than waiting for the courtesy bus. Oh those were the days, and if I ever see that guy who ran over my Emirate’s beach ball, there will be hell to pay!

After a great week in Wales we arrived back home and the earth rotated back to its regular position, and normal service was resumed! Thank you so much Sheila for a fabulous time.

A bit of advertising here readers. Sheila is just opening a special B&B in North Wales, it’s called Club Gwynfa


She is opening it slowly over the next 3 months. If you are Interested in this lovely part of Wales you might take a look.

Mind you it’s taking a get bit of used to being back home with the endless Amazon deliveries and me being in the kitchen all the time. A load of walking! I forgot how tiring it was. Whilst away, it was a luxury having your host answering the door.

Do you remember the old “Look after the elderly” neighbourhood advice? If you see milk bottles and newspapers piling up on the porch why not check on the safety of the elderly. Well the modern world example is a massive heap of amazon boxes, with a leg sticking out!

Mind you Braggazon, the Lord Bragg adult home delivery service, is wowing the country right now. Such a thoughtful and considerate service. Obviously, his deliveries are of a highly personal nature so he has taken steps to ensure that if delivered to a neighbour that it isn’t opened by mistake. He calls this service Plain BrownPackaging+.

What a guy!

Same time next week readers!