Hi readers! I hope you had a great summer. Yes, I am back, onein300, with my summer summary post marking my return to regular musings and ready for an exciting autumn!

There is nothing much going on in the UK, aside a minor political crisis! So I invite you into the real world – my world………

First, you might have noticed that I have changed my blog title, and along with it the look and feel. I hope you like these renovations as we march into the latter part of 2019. I didn’t like the visible title “Living with MND”, despite it being true, and a rollercoaster home page picture is much more fun! And also I now have a logo!!

Let me start, as I mean to go on, by introducing this week’s post without upsetting anyone? Ok, here goes. We had a great summer travelling a bit, meeting wonderful people and some Australians!

Doh! Fail! Apologies my antipodean friends. It’s the cricket, ok!

We started the vacation period with a brief unplanned jaunt to one of my favouritest places in the world, if not the galaxy, Brighton, England! On a sunny day there is no better place.

We are, however, bought frantically back down to earth, on arriving, when we encounter the scourge of the modern day tourist! Yes it’s the hundreds of adolescents from overseas on educational visits being dragged around by a leader with a flag pole emanating from his or her shoulder. I can imagine these guides must lose at least 10% of their followers every trip, but who knows? They used to be force to be reckoned with pre-MND, but nowadays, on my scooter in Brighton, they are at my pure mercy!!! Hahaha woooo ahhhah.

We weave through the park behind Brighton Pavilion, and have a brief chat with a couple of lovely representatives from the Royal building.

If you have not toured this marvellous structure, please do if you ever find yourself in town. Before I was hit by MND we visited the Pavilion but have not yet been back. This was partly due to assuming that there was no lift to fully explore the palace. We were delighted to now be told there is one! We didn’t pop back in this time, but will definitely do so soon. Accessibility to us with MND, and our family, is like a drug treatment! I am not joking! It’s a real life extender. More on this revelation in a few moments!

After Brighton we spent a week away in a single floor barn in the UK countryside. Keeping with the self-catering tradition there was, of course, the first day shopping expedition scouting for food, always wondering if roasted asparagus tips are stocked in this part of the world! However, I am pleased to say, that in the 21st century, throughout the world, and even within remote areas of our country, there is a fairly level playing field. Gone are the days when shopping away from home meant you couldn’t buy things or vice-versa.

Actually, as well as food shopping, so much else has changed in just my adult lifetime. Crime, for example. When I was young, car radio theft was very popular, but nowadays you don’t hear of it really. As was stealing womens underwear off of washing lines! I blame the arrival of tumble dryers! The serious knicker nickers moved on in the late 1980’s to stealing duvets off washing lines! Hard core!

But I do digress somewhat! Returning to the holiday provisions sourcing exercise, off we went to a local superstore. Boy, it was a chilled (cold) building. It felt more like a Disney ride entrance, perhaps one where I was being led to a morgue! Fortunately, I survived the vast chilled cabinet area, and raced purposelessly into the cooking ingredients aisle.

I noticed Spry Crisp & Dry on one of the shelves…

I recall, when I was about 10 years old, hassling my mum to buy this very product! Yes readers, I was nagging my mother to buy a specific sodding deep frying oil, not sweets! Back in my youth, a very convincing television advertisement proudly showed the absence of excess oil on your chips using this miracle product! And it was oh so posh! I remember being told by my Dad it was

too expensive, right!

and I should be grateful for food on the table.

And drink your cod liver oil, Son!

Somethings haven’t changed though and none more so than our love/hate relationship with the Aussies. We spent some time in London during the recent 2nd Ashes test. Our hotel was full of visiting fans, and Jean made the, now acknowledged, extremely stupid mistake of commenting on how good our weather was that day to a visiting couple in the lift!

Streuth! You must be joking…..

And they droned on and on for the whole descent, and we were on floor 9 going down! Jean admitted her severe blunder and promised never to do it again!

I must admit that I have reverted to childhood ways. As my scooter is now my main transport I drive it like a Ferrari! Whilst in a hotel I decided to race my wife to our room by zooming around the long circular corridor whilst Jean walked the most direct route! I’ll tell you, 4.5 mph around corners is high risk! Great fun. I was also sent to get Ice!

It could have ended badly, with a CSI investigation surrounding the mysterious case of a man who crashed with his scooter in a pool of water. A victim of a drive-by “ice cubing”? But all was well and those in my way moved! Especially those with flags sticking out of their shoulders!

Finally, as I hinted earlier, I want to reiterate the importance of accessibility for all. I have no doubt now that the biggest discrimination today in our society in 2019 is against the disabled community. Sadly, it is not yet fully understood by all, but those who do recognise it, such as thoughtful businesses, should know they are probably contributing more to our health than scientists are currently! Yes I mean that folks not as a criticism to researchers, who of course I support unreservedly. However, with the lack of an effective treatment for MND as yet, just to live life as near normal can raise the endorphins and who knows what else! So in effect, it is a real treatment!

So I am introducing a onein300 “Rock on!” for locations that “just make my life easy”. Today, the following restaurant in London gets a mention, Dishoom. A two floor totally accessible establishment with amazing and understanding staff. They couldn’t have helped us more. We first visited Dishoom some 6 years ago, pre-MND, based on a recommendation from friends on their legendary Indian breakfasts. Little did I know then, I would be appreciating their wider excellence recently. And great food, and I mean grrrrrrreat food!

Image taken from dishoom.com. I am sure they won’t mind, I am saying great things about them

Ok readers, you must all get back to work or school after this sneaky lunch time read, but do come back soon for the further adventures of onein300. My next immediate post is yet another research comment article which I hope will be of interest to everyone, but certainly to those affected by MND.

Back soon!