Onein400 is my living with MND blog (Motor Neurone Disease), also known as ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). I was diagnosed with MND in June 2014. This life shortening and disabling disease strikes sporadically and has no cure. I cannot think of another disease with such a consistently horrific prognosis. It is typically fatal in 2 to 5 years. There is current no cure or effective treatment. Stephen Hawking is probably the most famous person in the world who lived with MND. But he was a very unusual case, having survived for over 50 years! This is very untypical.

But just how common is MND?

It is considered rare. However, the estimated risk in any one person’s lifetime is 1 in 400! Shocked? I was.

If your life was a single week draw in the UK lottery, your chance of getting 4 out of 6 numbers is about 1 in 2200!

So why therefore is this disease considered rare? Take a read of my Facts page to find out why (and why actually it is not).

*please note that since writing this page the MND Association of England and Wales has updated the official statistics to now reflect the life time risk of up to 1 in 300! I still include my facts page to explain why.

I will be using this blog to document some aspects of the disease and how it affects me, promote awareness and try and highlight key developments. The views expressed on this website are my own opinions (and can be quite random!!) and do not express any view of doctors, consultants or associations etc etc.

Take a look at my weekly posts including voice banking, diagnosis, treatment, research and symptoms. I try to keep it up beat and informative. Please enjoy and comment.

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On with the blogging!

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Lee the MND Blogger.