We have this little motto in our kitchen.


There is not a truer phrase, apart from perhaps “no time like the present“.

To keep you glued to the screen, I have an exciting announcement at the end of today’s post.

The events last Friday in Paris remind us of the fragility of human life. Time is so important, and what you do with it is vital. There are principles I try to stick to. I don’t know why, my upbringing, or it’s just the way I am. You may not all agree with some of these, but you might like to consider some of them as you stumble through the years.

Number 1 – Don’t leave things to fester

Personally, I have always liked to do things straight away. If something breaks, fix it now. Don’t wait.

If you have a loose floorboard, leaky tap, broken toaster, noisy car engine, don’t wait, just fix it.

Overall it makes for a more relaxed time and reliable day-to-day life. Otherwise metaphorically this may happen a lot…….


Although I have ranted on about “living for the day” and not planning too much, keeping on top of things is even more important to me now. I don’t want our heating to break down, and nor do I want a car issue, especially if travelling in cold weather.

Number 2 – There is no tomorrow

One thing I tell absolutely everyone who asks me about my MND, is that if you have any dream or desire to do something, do it now.

A friend said to me recently, “I would really like to live near the sea”.

I replied “Well, do it, just do it”. Well, actually I was a bit more blunt when I was faced with excuses!

Number 3 – Look after yourself

I have always been a fitness freak, and so have kept an eye on my weight.

It is generally agreed that nutrition is vital to MND patients. Not only can there be swallowing issues, leading to malnutrition, but also muscles are going into spasm, and of course that uses energy, i.e. calories. I’m a bit like a car whose engine is left to run all day!

So strangely enough, watching the calories is not now on my list of things to do. In fact, there is some evidence that a high fat or high calorie diet provides some benefit to MND sufferers.

This week I am 65.9kg. Or in proper money, 10 stone 5 pounds. I am happy with that.


My naked weight (don’t worry, I have checked for reflections – I think) – no photoshopping please

Now, what’s for lunch? Cake, cake!!!

Number 4 – Don’t fear the unknown

Returning to last week’s post and future planning. This week I have had a powered wheelchair to test and the house and garden assessed. Thank you, Fiona from the MNDA and Wayne from Sussex and Surrey Care Centre, for visiting. I hope the wheels are nice and clean now?

The fear of deteriorating mobility is of course not a happy thought. However, taking these little planning steps really has eased my mind. Getting the powered chair in for a run around has shown me that it really will work, and that our house and garden office will be fully accessible when the time comes. A few little issues with drain covers were highlighted, but nothing nasty. Although I don’t need it just yet, such a wheelchair can take time to order and acquire.

I spun it round the garden, alley, across gravel, and I am very confident I could run that Nico Rosberg chappie off the road into the mud or other brown stuff (Lewis, you were not trying hard enough last week!)

Here I am after spinning it in to our garden shed.


“What does the red button do, Wayne?”


Number 5 – Read the Manual!!


saftey tip 439 – ensure that the elevator springy thingie is in the fail safe position before pressing red button.

Anyway,  I now have a couple of mini projects started to make our garden more like Silverstone with some ramps etc.

Number 6 – There is a time and a place…

On the subject of being careful, or “Accidents waiting to happen”, I saw this in my local Co-op this week (they keep an eye on me in there now ever since my recent destructive visit).

What is he thinking?!

Now I know I like to get things done, but there is a time and a place for riding a bike. The above scene has such potential for repairs, redecoration, insurance claims, electrocution, twisted and tangled body parts, and worst of all, matrimonial discord.

Other news this week…….

I got a nice letter from the North Wales Police inviting me to a coffee morning to discuss speed awareness. Apparently they saw me leaving a remote part of North Wales a few weeks ago a few mph over the speed limit. Where was the camera, in a sheep?

I reacted like we all do, damm, damm, **** how can I get off this? After a few minutes, I had two ideas:

1) It was not me driving, it was Dora, one of our Shih Tzus (genius, they can take her to court!)


2) Perhaps their camera was not adjusted for the North Wales mountain altitude?

I soon calmed down and Tipp-ex-ed (wite out for my American friends)  Dora ‘s name from the driver name field on the form and accepted the coffee morning.

Anyway, expensive coffee, but I will no doubt meet some amusing members of the public. I have been to such a coffee meeting before, and it was very funny. There were about 20 people there, including a Policeman, a rally driver type who kept on about how unfair it was, and a smug git who knew all the answers to the questions  (me).

Mind you this time, I will hobble in, and not say much. I might take my Richard Burton voice.

Finally, to get you excited, I am today announcing an XMAS Special post! It will be made available for viewing at precisely 3pm on Christmas Day.

So have your Turkey and settle down to a nice read. Alternatively you can listen to our glorious Queen. I wouldn’t want you to miss our Monarch, so I advise now you to set her to record (RED BUTTON, but read the manual!) Remember my posts are rated U, – suitable for all to read. Why not enjoy your Christmas pudding at the same time?

Look out for teasers #ItsaOnein400XMAS over the coming weeks.


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