It has been a great week. Summer arrived with a vengeance!

For me the hotter the weather the better. I just seem to have more strength and movement. We spent a great part of the week in North Wales at the amazing Sheila  Marshall’s house, chilling, beach walking and having a 1970s party. Sheila is a creative cook. I mean truly wonderful, with every meal, or snack, being the highest restaurant grade fare. Yes, of course my weight is up an extra half kilo! It’s kind of weird for me, as I actually want my weight to go up these days. I am always watching for that dramatic weight loss of MND. Mind you I suspect my muscle/fat ratio is not what it used to be! I blame you Sheila! It’s the one thing anyone with MND should not worry about in the least bit, calorie counting.

Before we could enjoy North Wales, we had to get there!

I always mark the border on our trip to Wales as the services roundabout at Shrewsbury, where we stock up on fuel, sweets and coffee. Beyond this you enter a different land! I am sure I heard a hiking father talking to his son whilst standing near the roundabout, “This son, is a roundabout!” “Da, I never believed such things existed!”

As we entered further into North Wales, we had to stop so that Jean could take the dogs for a wee. We parked in a quiet area, and I remained in the car. Whilst Jean was out with Poppy and Dora, this weird guy, serial killer looking type, was wandering about across the road in front of me, holding his phone. He looked really scary. I gestured to Jean to get back in the car asap! My mobility would not help me in an escape from a maniac. I then realised he was playing Pokemon Go! Phew!

Our journeys are now centred around parking as close as possible to coffee bars etc. Just a quick point of note to Starbucks at Shrewsbury. Although it’s nice to have 2 gigantic disabled parking spots to choose from, it’s not so cool that they are positioned on a 1 in 2 gradient! I must take my crampons next time! Genius British design!

The party was great, and we met an old relative, DJ Bragg, still wearing the same shirt and hair from his infamous days.


I even found this old poster from 1976. What a cool guy!


He was a great laugh, and stayed in a camper van in the garden for the weekend. What went on in there? I am sure there were four sheep in that field yesterday!

We had a pub quiz during the party, split into two teams. Despite my crap voice I still managed to be the most vocal, and if I say it myself, the smartest on the team. Ladies, it’s simply not good enough to be just pretty these days, I need participation and useful contributions! Anyway, that is my reason for being on the losing team!

I can now confirm that the 70s were the coolest music times. We spent the evening listening to the rolling tunes of those great days. Arrhh memories.

We went walking on the beach. As I used to love skiing, I thought I’d try a bit of traversing along the beach with my walking poles.


Still got that poise… And just look at the style!


That reminds me of good old Franz Klammer Bragg, below, in Courchevel, France. What a skier!


Keeping focused on the ground is vital. The last thing I wanted to do was fall on the beach, especially with the jelly fish. Having MND is a pain enough without having a face full of jelly and stinging tentacles.

Because of the heat wave, we stayed an extra day, not wishing to be trapped in lava heat in the car for 7 hours. It was a good decision.

The journey back was pretty slick, although hot. We had a bit of traffic but always tried to stop the car in a shaded bit. When we did in one area, I was amazed to see Lord Lee Bragg standing there charging for “shade”! He really is an enterprising guy.

Also I think our windscreen must be made of the same glass they make magnifying glasses of! Boy, my legs were roasting!


With this heat, I have worn shorts for the first time this year! Jeesh what knobbly knees I have!

If anyone wants evidence that summer holidays have improved over the years, I remember going to a Holiday centre in Devon with my parents when I was about ten. We were in the clubhouse, and I went straight into my Dad’s bad books when I nominated him for the knobbly knees parade! Sorry, Dad. He had to walk across the ballroom with his trousers rolled up above his knees!

Kids today don’t know they’re born. We had no smartphones, gameboys, or iPads to twiddle with. The best we could do was sit in the corner and sulk with an orange juice whilst our parents got drunk with people from as far away as Scotland! Those were the days! At least we kids then had the excitement of the planned car breakdown on the 250 mile trip home to look forward to. And of course we were free to jump around the car without those constricting seat belts.

Finally, I mentioned last week that a US Biotech Company, Brainstorm, was announcing some phase 2 Stem cell trials results for an experimental therapy. I have been reading them (the public data) and I have been thinking exactly what to say. I am going to put my thoughts in a mini blog post early next week rather than put into this week’s party post!

Until next week guys, I leave you with this beautiful evening view of North Wales. It could be the Mediterranean! Baa ha, Bragg!


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  1. Hi Lee. We met at your fab do at Rowlands Castle and I re introduced myself to you and Jean. I met you when you were with us at Sainsburys last year talking about voice banking. Love your blogs. I myself am off on a cruise tomorrow for two weeks around the Med and will raise a glass to you from somewhere looking like your photo from North Wales! Kate Taylor AV. WSS branch MNDA.


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