Hi all! A lot to talk about this week. The Olympics is in full swing, it’s the holiday period and summer really has returned to the UK.

To add to the cripples in our house, Jean, my wife has hurt her back. She claimed this was from driving my car!

Anyway, Jean was as about as mobile as me at the start of the week. I dropped something in the kitchen the other day, and Jean normally beats me to it. This time we both looked at each other! We got it, but the dogs nearly beat us.

I love the Olympics, although it takes time to get into it. Once we Brits started winning medals, my interest raised considerably. Did you watch the diving?!

What an intriguing  setup and camera work. Firstly, they wear the tightest budgie smugglers, and secondly when they have finished their dive they both jump in a jacuzzi! Jeesh, what do they have for the mixed doubles tennis, a double bed and cigarettes!

I had a dental appointment on Tuesday.  I am always fearful of biting his fingers off now. I have my dental appointments off to a tee. They are always 15 minutes late, and I never sit down in the waiting room for fear of not getting back up. In addition, the floor is so uneven that it takes real precision not to fall into a wall or worse, a nurse! I have an excuse for the latter, I call it “Groping Tourette’s”. It’s a very very rare condition where hands wander along accompanied with shouting profanities!

After visiting the dentist’s I developed a mouth ulcer! What did he wash his equipment in? If there is a God, give me a break, isn’t MND enough?

A small incident with an Amazon delivery. If we are out, normally items are delivered around our back door. This week Jean was expecting a washing line prop. I heard the door bell ring, and made my pacey way towards the door. He got inpatient and posted it through the letter box!


Acquired another (smaller) rollator this week. I was recommended a Drive Nitro. It’s for travelling with. Yes the very ideal of using this is like fashion suicide, but I will. Keeping safe, when walking any distances is vital. I am not falling into using it, just being cautious.

I am just afraid if the old ladies in our village see me with it, they may say;

Whos da mutha fudda with the wicked rollator?”

“Hey you, big nose, what ya doing in our manor?”

“Hi, my name is Lee, I am 50ish.”

“Man u is taking the piss!”

So I might starting talking about the price of fish and how parents today are rubbish. I will then have a chance of being in their crew! Meeting them on the corner tomorrow for a chat about what needs to be done about the new family at number 49.

My new rollator has big wheels, which I am told is the single most important factor on a wheeled walking aid.  Thanks Dagmar. I wanted to remove a bit, a back strap, to make it even smaller. Easy! I got a spanner. I am still dangerous with tools! No time like the present.

I was thinking about writing to Top Gear to see if they wanted a TV special on mobility devices!

This, Jeremy, is the Drive Nitro, a rollator that can snap knicker elastic at 50 yards!”

And I could write a whole episode on “Great disabled parking spaces in Hampshire”.

So my mobility aids now include walking stick, walking poles, industrial off road rollator, light weight rollator, recumbent bike, and a powered wheelchair (in hiding). Preparation they say makes perfect.

Just got a photo from Rio again! Dame Bernice Bragg getting into practice for her next round of Solo Synchronised swimming. You’d better have a shave Bernice!

Finally, but not least, this week, two great people left this spinning world.

Jean and I went to the funeral of a close friend on Monday, Marc. Marc was an amazing guy, as the 300 or 400 people at his funeral can vouch! I am surprised the church didn’t burst! Don’t waste a day guys, Marc certainly didn’t. He really did fit 80 years into his 57 real years as described in a tribute. It was a beautiful funeral and wake. I wanted to repeat one story about Marc that typified his whole life and approach to it. I know I learnt from Marc, and the thousands of children he taught certainly did. Marc certainly knew the value of the phrase, “No time like the present”.

When he was about 20 and pursuing his wife to be, Cath, Marc had no money, or transport. Cath, lived in the North of England and Marc in the south. One day, he just hitch hiked all the way up to her parents house, broke in, and covered her bed with rose petals, and left a box of chocolates on her bed. He then just hitched all the way back, without seeing her! Simply one of the most romantic actions I have ever heard. This was just one story, and I can vouch for 10’s of others. Missing ya mate, and our texts and chats. I hope you have broadband there. If there is a heaven, I certainly hope it has better Internet coverage than Norfolk!

Also this week, Ray Spooner, a fellow ALS/MND sufferer from Chicago died. He was diagnosed in early 2015, and cycled across America in late 2015 raising money for ALS/MND. He wrote a beautifully eloquent blog, Rayslittleride, not at all depressing, for during the last year of his life. Ray inspired me to buy a trike which has been life changing. I never knew him personally, but we exchanged several emails about the trike. I remember asking him about using the brakes on a downhill corner. His reply, “Who needs brakes?” Says it all. RIP Ray.

Same time next week guys.