Whoop whoop, it’s Easter and my blog time.

I hope you are all having a great Bank holiday with that carefree feeling, loads of food and, of course, the mandatory chocolate fix. Unless you are allergic to chocolate. Jeesh, now that is a serious affliction! I might have to start a charity!

It’s been another busy week in the onein400 household. Where shall I start? There were events ranging from sunburn to central heating installation.

At the start of the week, it was day 1 of house changes. The first one being a completely new central heating system and boiler to allow for the ripping out of water tanks and airing cupboard to then facilitate a bigger bathroom for our future requirements.

We were both obviously concerned as having our house invaded by plumbers is always a nervous time. My mobility was obviously on my mind during the work. You know, loose floorboards and gaping holes etc. However, in the end, all was pukka and so professionally completed by British Gas. Thumbs up from us! On a totally serious note, British Gas have got a slick service from start to finish. You will be aware from my posts that I am absolutely anal when it comes to planning, but these guys really grasped the mantle.

The end result was

1) Additional space in our bathroom, all ready for stage 2.

2) Hot and cold water (but Lee, you had that before) – oh yeah

3) Plenty of space in our bank account!

Psychologically, this has kicked off the house changes off nicely. Now onto the bathroom rebuild!

We did have one small hiccup, and that was the hot tap on our bathroom sink. As the tap is now at mains pressure it showed a fault and we required a new set.

Now readers, is there any better miracle or good feeling than that provided by 1/4 turn ceramic taps!!?? Rubber washers gone for ever. I think it’s in the top 10 of human experiences. Up there with

Skiing a black run

Sky diving

Driving a supercar.

There should be “Tap Experience days” – Experience the “Silence of the twist”!

What else happened this week? Oh, I mowed the lawn on Sunday and was pleased to find I could still do it. Mind you, that grass appears to be getting stronger and is clinging to the turf more. I am very, very careful along the bit next to the river, however. I leave that to Jean!

Jean is adapting well to doing a lot of things I used to do as a matter of “male entitlement“. You know, carrying bags of cement etc! Arhhh what a great opportunity to learn for Jean! I am so jealous of the new knowledge she is gaining. I can still do most things, so why don’t I schedule instruction lessons ahead of time? Great idea Lee!

Next week Lesson 1 – The torque wrench – An introduction 9am sharp Monday

We were invited to friends, in the village, for a lovely dinner on Wednesday night. I took my rollator with me, as even though it was only 90 yards, returning at night with the temperature lower, is simply not worth the risk with only a stick.

It was a lovely dinner, but I did have one of those burst out laughing moments when our host calmly announced that she was excited all day as her new “rabbit” had been delivered!

I think I was the only one who found this bed wettingly funny. However, it was in fact a real Easter rabbit. How was I to know

Well I can conclusively say that MND doesn’t affect the humour Neurones!

Now, where did I get to? Oh the sunburn. Well, yes it has been very sunny and I have been out on my trike a lot. What I failed to notice was that my trike is effectively a high speed mobile sun lounger!! With my head at a slightly tilted angle towards the sky I have been exposed to maximum sun rays!!!

Fortunately I have a bottle of Bragg’s WTF (What’s The Factor) Sun lotion and lubricant to protect me. Here I am after a cycle and just before the intense tingling began.

Back to the subject of food. We have our leg of lamb all ready for the Easter Sunday lunch. Jean and I got ours from Bragg’s Legs, sourced from his limited edition of 6 Organic Lambs raised and cared for by his family.

He has had 25 orders for whole legs of lamb. Apparently all orders have been fulfilled! What a guy!

And finally this week. Remember this gentleman?

Yes it’s Judge Bragg from my Twilight Zone post. Apparently he is back and touring America using an United Airlines travel pass! Mess with the Judge United and you will feel the force!

Sir, I am going to have to ask you to leave the aircraft to make way for someone more important than you


“Sir, you are being disruptive”


‘Ok, you leave me no choice sir”

And you, leave me with no choice!”.

whoosh, zap, shabooooom, kaboom, SPLAT!!!

Judge Bragg, dispensing justice the public wants!

See you all next week for the post Easter blues. For now though, enjoy the sun and don’t forget Bragg’s duel purpose Sun Tan lotion and lubricant!

PS For those of you waiting for my next research post, I apologise for the delay. It’s soon.

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