Due to the high costs of running a highly popular blog, read all over the world, and even on other planets, I have had to accept occasional sponsorship on my posts. So sorry, readers, I hope you don’t find this too intrusive! This week it is Bragg’s Batteries and Auto Factors. During your read you might see snippets of ads for his darn tacky company.

On with this week’s post. We are currently in the midst of a Record Breaking Typical British Summer!

Our science correspondence Fergal Bragg brings breaking news of this amazing time in British history!

Yes Lee, the weather is astounding scientists and us journalists here. Apparently this year is the MOST average weather we have ever experienced. Scientists are warning that unless more research is done and action taken, we can expect more extreme average weather forever in the UK”

Thanks Fergal, but enough of that!

What’s been happening in our mad household this week? In addition to having two dogs, we also home a lovely cat. Recently, our new neighbours have been keeping their garden gate firmly closed and so our cat, Frank, has not been able to do that thing that cats do in your neighbour’s garden (“yard”for my American friends)! How cheeky. With the typical swagger of a cat, I was presented with this building request by Frank…..

How cunning!

There is always a way! And that is this week’s theme.

My imagination was sparked whilst reading all about the classic Dustin Hoffman film, Marathon ManNot only does it have an MND link (read on) but the director, Robert Evans, most definitely had that ability to just cut through seemingly intractable issues.

Robert so wanted Lawrence Olivier to play the part of Dustin’s Nazi torturer. However, Lawrence, at the time, was riddled with cancer, and very unwell indeed. The film company refused to take a chance as he was effectively uninsurable. Robert decided to recruit his friends Merle Oberon and the great David Niven (there’s the MND link – David died from MND) to arrange a meeting with the British House of Lords! There he urged them to put pressure on Lloyds of London to insure him. It worked, and the rest is history!

We had our own little challenge this week. We were going away for the week to North Wales and Jean had packed the car with everything. Yes, I am pretty useless at packing a car now. However, I am very entertaining on the drive, so I still hold some value, including being a rather terrifying car minder!

Jean moved the car closer to the house to fit the last few items in, including my rollator and new toy (more on this in a few moments) and we closed up the house and jumped in the car to leave. Jean turned the key, and nothing! Yes nothing.  Bugger!** It was working only 5 minutes ago. Remaining calm, we were pretty certain that it was probably the battery. So a quick call to the AA, and a parallel call to our local garage asking   if they could get a battery in for our car ASAP and so we had a plan. The AA turned up, checked the charging systems/battery and yes, bingo the battery had just failed. Jean then dashed to the garage, and after just an hour we were all ready to move off again! All calmly executed.

Sorry about that readers, it’s one of those darn ads. He picked up on my battery talk!

We got to Wales and had a great time with family and friends. We did attend Jean’s Uncle Vic’s funeral. It was an emotional celebration of a wonderful man’s life. Here’s to you, Victor!

It was a busy 4 days, and much fun and reminiscing was had. Late nights, laughing and joking. On one night, Jean was deep in discussion with her cousin, Sheila, and it was already midnight. I decided to let the ladies imbibe a bit more and I retired to bed. I was very tired, so putting my head down was absolutely marvellous. I assumed Jean would sneak quietly in after about 30 minutes,

However, bang crash, smash, bright lights awoke me at 3am, yes **** 3 am, with Jean screeching

Right we are all going to Dubai!!

I responded calmly,

WHAT right ***** now?

Apparently, over a 3 hour chat the girls decided we should all go to Dubai for a holiday soon.

Anyway, thanks for the abrupt awakening and where there’s a will there will be a way.

The weather in Wales was great and we had a couple of really Hot August days mixed in with rainy ones.

So sorry, yet another of Bragg’s ads! Picking up on my words again! What a cheap ad, and a coffee stain!

I have promised you a rollator, or my “wheels”, review. I have spoken about my rollators on many a post. Here it is.

What exactly is a rollator? Yes it is one of those Zimmer frames on wheels.  I have 3! Which one receives Top Rollator’s seal of hot wheels!?

First, I have one of these, an EC X Cruise by Elitecare.

This is a foldable rollator, which we acquired to pack into the back of a small car. It’s really good, and has the main key aspect which you are looking for in a rollator, 4 wheels. Buy 3 wheels at your absolute peril!!

This is what will happen with a 3 wheeler rollator, I promise. In fact, its even worse when using a rollator, as we humans will naturally place some weight on the handles, providing a downward pressure. So the chance of becoming part of the Village flower display is very high!

The second rollator is what I call my “workhorse”. It is my most used rollator, and it is called a Drive Nitro!

4 wheels again, but with slightly larger front wheels. It is foldable, and light. The larger the front two wheels, the better and this one just rides the kerbs etc.

Finally, if you want a rollator that can go off road, then this is the one for you. The rollz Motion.

I bought this when I was first diagnosed, as it converts into a wheelchair as well. In reality I haven’t used this one in earnest yet, but it was in my

I want something trendy looking in Lamborghini orange” phase!

Jeremy Bragg says it can snap knicker elastic at 100 yards! It is a seriously smooth ride.

Finally this week, my new toy arrived. Thanks to my friend Miles for directing me to this device. My walking is getting worse, and the rollators are great for short distances, but I now need a scooter. To be honest folks, I was not at all excited at the prospect of buying a granny cart, and also the sheer weight/size of some scooters was really putting me off. I wanted something portable but capable.

I have purchased one of these.

It is a Travelscoot, invented by a German engineer, when he noticed all he could buy, when he was laid up injured for 6 months , were traditional scooters.

Yes readers, it is a 3 wheeler, so there might be some spills. However, it makes you feel involved! So far so good.

It packs up into a small bag, and can be reassembled in less than 5 minutes. In addition it can fit in a car pretty much fully made up!

This is a great design. Don’t get me wrong, it won’t go on really rough ground or deep gravel, but it’s all about appropriate and timely tools for me. This is going to get me out in cities and/or seaside walks etc much much more. Design is everything. It is simple, with every component available to buy at a reasonable price. If you damage any item, it’s clear and simple to repair.

Until next week readers! No more Bragg’s Battery ads, for now, I hope.

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