Or as the great Enzo Ferrari, allegedly, once said

“Cosa c’è dietro, non importa!”

“Whats behind doesn’t matter!”

And, of course, he is right. There is only now and the future. Mind you, Jean, who has been reading her yoga and meditation books, would say there is only now!

All I know is that that om noise is really annoying me! Relaxing? no way, “SHUT UP!

By the way, obviously I don’t speak Italian but just used google translate. I hope it isn’t in the wrong context!

Just deviating from my post a bit, it’s funny how something takes on a different value when life changes drastically affect you. For example, voice activation is of absolutely zero interest to me now, e.g. Alexa. Imagine linking too many things up with my voice! The mistakes would be crazy! However, language text translation is now potentially amazing for me!

Anyway, back to my week.

For me, obviously MND has struck, and there’s no turning back to a life before. It’s only forward from now on. I could wax lyrical and artistically about this or I can just give you my weekly update? Weekly update you say?……ok!

Ok, as most of you are away on holidays, it’s a short one. But whilst arguing with Customs your fellow travellers can enjoy my blog!

So what was the inspiration behind my little title this week?

Well, I was walking down the stairs the other day, both hands gripping the banisters, when I realised I had left something upstairs. Turning around on the stairs is just not now possible, kind of akin to suddenly changing direction in a vast crowd entering a football stadium! No turning back. So onwards I continued until I reached the bottom! I could then return in the opposite direction! Grhhh how annoying.

It’s rather like missing your turning on a motorway (freeway for my American friends), and realising the next exit (ramp) is 20 miles away! We have all done that haven’t we? But unlike the missed turn, when we all drive like a nutter to get to the next exit, I have to remain calm on the stairs.

Last weekend I made the decision to fit a hand grab rail in our shed, just near where I return after a cycle. Getting up and out of my trike involves pushing up from the wheels with my arms and it is getting harder, and, dare I say it, a bit risky!

So I thought, how about if I put a handle on the wall? Onto Amazon, search….found, and ordered! The very next day, it arrived. It’s a nice brown one, rather than garish NHS white!

Here it is.

Perfectly positioned for easy grab on entry into shed! I am always fastidious when I do DIY, and my motto has always been

“It will be solid and still there long after the surroundings have disintegrated”.

In this case, in 200 years archeologists will find a brown bar attached to brick remains and will ponder on its use back in 2017!

Coincidentally Lord Bragg has a brand new range of Hedonistic Ladies and Gentleman’s Adult custom hand grabs! I cannot show these, for taste, decency and safety reasons, but they add a touch of elegance to any household! What a guy!

Jean and I ventured to the beach on Monday with our dogs and my walking poles. I got down onto the wide open beach, but I must admit I was very wary and concerned about falling. I could still do it, but we had no chair with us for a rest (mistake and lesson learned!). There were just no grab bars! “It’s, a beach Lee!” Next time, we are taking a chair that I can use. Two chairs in the car now! I haven’t tried my serious rollator on the beach yet, but I must.

“Hold on Lee, you still haven’t written that rollator review, so they don’t know what you mean by a “serious” rollator!?”

Oh yes, darn! It is coming, I promise! In fact what I really really need is one of these!!!  It’s the Banana Splits and their beach buggies! Anyone know of one of these lying around somewhere? I might take it off you! It would be great on the beach.

After our sand adventure, we went for a coffee at the beach cafe. Here we are just moments before I was attacked by a radio controlled bird drone! They need regulations for these things! Stupid child!

FFS control your kids!

I was nicely surprised the other day when I received this beautiful signed photo of the one and only Helen Mirren! A friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, Jon, must of heard me saying how much I admire her and what a big fan I am. Anyway, he arranged for this to be sent to me! Thanks Jon, and, of course, Helen. Mind you, you’d better cover up, or you’ll catch your death of cold!

Finally, this week, my new exciting mobility aid hasn’t arrived yet, so I cannot report on it yet. It’s coming very soon, so first reports in next post. I will combine with my rollator review!

NO! Really finally this week, it’s Jean and I’s 30th wedding anniversary. That’s Pearl!  Ok, so present time…….

Shall I try “Being married to me is gift enough” attempt this year?……

Wish me luck readers!

Until next time!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Hope the weather bucks up a bit for you. We’ve just visited relatives and friends in Lancs and Yorks and sampled their British summer weather, not impressed 👎. Enjoyed Cape Town and the Wine Route in March, more acceptable temperatures and beautiful country side.


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