But probably won’t!!!

Hi readers! Apologies for my short absence from the blog musings. You will probably agree that social media is becoming a bit, how can I put it, anti-social! So I must ensure my writings for you are enjoyable and pleasant. Quality is vital!

The title this week is probably applicable to everything in everyday life all across the globe. In these stressful times in the UK we all need to relax and breathe…….

I first heard the phrase as the opening words to the great childrens TV Series, Stingray in the 1970s.

“Anything can happen in the next half hour”

Proper Television!

A friend actually recently confided in me that his first crush in life was Aqua Marina in Stingray! Weird, really weird, she was a marionette (puppet)! #puppetfantasy. At least my first observed feminine Television interest was actually humanoid, the purpled haired Gabrielle Drake in the equally wonderful space series UFO.

Lord Bragg would have been proud to have produced such absorbing and searing stuff. My memory as a youngster of watching UFO, aside the delectable Gabrielle, was the music. It was also nice to see sensible, suitable, comfortable and, above all, safe clothing worn in the workplace, even back then!

Talking of music, we went to see a Genesis tribute band the other week, The Musical Box. I say a tribute band, but they are more of a precise performance replicator. Their concert, and particularly the guy that played Peter Gabriel vocals/performance, was spot on. Go see them if you can. They are currently touring. Playing all over Europe and in the UK at many venues that the real Genesis frequented.

I was always suspicious of tribute bands in the past, but the combination of vintage equipment, actual original band stage items as well as pure raw talent just made an epic evening.

Of course we had to plan the trip, get accessible seats etc. But I am pleased to say the Anvil in Basingstoke is now on the list of places I can go! Hurrah! Each venue has different capabilities. Even with major mobility problems it is possible to attend events. The Anvil has seats that are not on general sell, with plenty of leg room and flat access. I rollatored in, sat, enjoyed……above the grey haired older people…..

and I rollatored out! And of course all booked online without having to use my voice!

And Lord Bragg sold loads of his Braggian 2017 Grey Hair Concealer along with his new Slaphead Shine* to the follically challenged audience! What a guy!

*Please note Bragg’s slaphead shine should not be applied at night whilst driving due to risk of dazzling oncoming  cars!

You might be interested to know that The Musical Box are actually French/Canadian, two countries in which Genesis have always had loyal fans.

Talking of our friends and neighbours, the French, we had a great time out last week at a local fundraising evening and quiz for Breast Cancer. For some reason, beyond imaginable imagination, the organisers asked a Frenchman, with a glorious accent, to compere the questions along with a slightly dodgy microphone! Anything could have happened, and did! At one point the crowd could have turned really ugly, but it was a tour de force and highly entertaining. Mishearing, or even hearing the intended meanings of the questions produced wonderfully in a beautifully lilting French tone was worth the entrance fee alone. A highlight was in the round of quotes from famous books. We had to name both the book and author. It should have been….

Two households, both alike in dignity, In fair Verona, where we lay our scene….

but the following appeared to emaninate from our host’s mouth….

Two arse-oles, both alike….

The Hall was in hysterics!! Anything did happen and it was great!

Accents can of course give false signals. Take the following example from my American friends and a typical, dare I say it, a refined English tone! Both used in the same role.

Flying to New York once I remember our British Pilot on the route out. I remember it because he was just soooo sooo British. Names have been changed to protect the innocent! I am sure he had his name written on the cockpit “Sir Geoffrey Bragg”

Good morning, Geoffrey Bragg, your pilot today on this fine British Airways 747-200 jet. We will be flying at an altitude of 38,000 feet, and based on the current flight plan and the prevailing weather, we should have you on the ground in New York at about 5pm local time just in time for dinner

All so formal, but very very reassuring.

On the return leg from New York, it was a little different with our American cousins providing the pilot!

Good evening, err, Chuck Bragg here….Well tonight we will be er…. attempting to get you over the sea to Enga-land, flying at … err (what height are we flying at Donald?)…

Laid back Californian!

Oooh, Lee! Stereotyping again!

I know but my American friends will back me up! Anyway, anything could have happened, but for sure if it had with our British pilot, it would only been:

“We might be in a bit of pickle folks, but should have you home for tea and scones”

We are now moving into winter here in the UK and that of course brings Alan Sugar’s the Apprentice. A TV show where the pick of our land’s unfortunates are brought together to entertain us with their idiocy.

As described in a post in 2016 Lord Bragg and his relatives did apply to the show but got rejected! Including the country star Hank Bragg, recently back after 5 years of self imposed exile. Unfortunately he didn’t bank on his reappearance being in these rather sensitive and politically correct times!

He is now attending an empowerment course which he hopes will bring to the public the plight of all Country Singers in the 21st Century!

So readers, please enjoy your next week on Planet Earth (don’t play that Duran Duran song), and chill.

Plus ca change que ca meme chose!

And remember if you can’t think of one reason to stay on social media, there’s always


And of course I hope to around after this thing called Brexit. I know my blue badge is valid until after Brexit anyway!! Now that would be a Brexit scare story!!!

Until next time readers!