Hi, readers. It’s been half term week or two around the UK. So despite all the world’s ills, there’s been a break from apparent impending global catastrophes! Phew!

It’s a relief to know that onein400 can bring some realism and sanity to your daily toil, or perhaps just a little bit of relaxation over a coffee and a plain chocolate digestive (not milk chocolate – milk chocolate is the anti-christ – #boycottmilkchoc). Oooops, sorry, getting affected by hashtags and completely overreacting!

This week, we have been applying logic to tasks….We have been to North Wales again, and had a great few days away.

We just chilled, relaxed and chatted the world away with our host. We even spent some time doing a scientific personality test after which we discussed our differing or perhaps similar approaches to life.

Those of you who have ever worked for a corporate will know the sort of thing I mean, for example Myers Briggs. It’s a devious little questionnaire. It does sort of ask the obvious questions, and I must admit to raising my eyes at the way some people answer. Am I living in the same cosmos!?

Actually, I was digging through old papers from Lord Bragg Enterprises the other day and I did find this assessment sheet from his specialist personality assessment test.

What a guy! He sure cut through the waffle in the old days! Arhh the old days. TV ads were so much better then, including this one – Zanussi – Appliance of Science.

Talking of the Cosmos, I was watching a NASA programme in which the sheer size of the Universe, parallel galaxies etc was discussed. I just absolutely love science and how we progress and understand more and more and more….. Science for the uninitiated is simply:

NOT accepting “Magic” as the answer but to always seek the ultimate truth.

Mind you, just where did David Copperfield hide that car!?

Thursday last, before my weekly massage I visited my Neurology Consultant. I will continue to see him, as long as he does not die on me, for as long as possible, but with decent gaps of about a year. Some ask why bother, as we have no cure/treatment for MND, but that is exactly the point! I keep lines of communication open, listen, question etc.

Dr D. Eath as I call him.

Only joking! I hadn’t seen him for 18 months because of my minor issue with the sudden need for heart surgery! I have written about him before in my blog. He is rather mystical. We typically end up seeing him just before lunch, and he is always running 30 minutes late. I have never observed him eating, but I am sure the blood he took from the patients before me never left his room and why was he dabbing his lips with a bright red, damp hanky?!

I was tempted to change his name on the waiting board to Dr D.Eath, but I thought better of it! Although when I whispered the idea to Jean I heard an another awaiting patient snigger! Mind you, another waiting victim looked like he would jump out the window! I must realise some people just don’t laugh at anything! It was a joke, ok! Sorry!

Whilst waiting I needed the loo (John for my American friends) and off I went at full speed with my rollator. Even in my rather crap state I still get blooming frustrated when the person in the loo before me takes ages and ages. Just what the hell are they doing in there? Icing a cake? I became impatient and decided to risk a longer roll to the next available toilet.

Our garden is showing the signs of autumn with endless leaves being blown everywhere. We have a nice guy who does our gardening and he is really great at removing (relocating) the leaves. He wasn’t too happy with me making him sign a Lord Bragg “Not a single leaf remaining” payment exclusion into his contract! What a guy!’’

Just checking before weekly payment….. FAILED, payment withheld!

It was great to see Louis Hamilton win the Formula 1 world championship. I do so love F1. It is a demonstration of hyper-science but more importantly technology reacting extremely fast to requirements. We need more of such an approach in medical trials and other walks of life.

However, I do think Louis might face a challenge with Fernando Braggussi in his newly planned combined F1 with special challenges championship. Introducing items like paint ball during laps, adding Sudoku during the wheel changes and of course substantial points being awarded for music playlist changes! That should sort the men out from the boys, sorry adults from the children! During a trial run of the music lap, some cars were seen just stopping, drivers getting out, crossing their arms and sulking, or in some cases crying intensely. However, Fernando, showing his mettle, was able to complete the lap even with, yes, the Ed Sheeran Playlist! What a guy! Research is being carried out on how he was able to survive the lap!

As a result new safety regulations will be introduced to prevent such music being pumped into driver’s ears. The worst they will have to tolerate now is the Hokey Cokey!

Of course it was Halloween last Wednesday. The traditional let-your-children-out-after-dark-and-go-and -demand-sweets-from-strangers night! I was home alone whilst Jean went to Yoga. I really didn’t want to have to go to our front door and face the trick or treaters. It was front lights off and I stayed in the kitchen. It worked! A scientific and cunning approach. Was it just me or were there less trick or treaters out this year?

Of course, it meant more of these for me!

Later that week it was fireworks night. For my American friends, this is the day when we commemorate, yes commemorate, Guy Fawkes who tried to burn our parliament down in 1605!

We spent the evening with our friends just up the road. I placed our firework contribution (A Lord Bragg Bunker Buster Firework – complete with house insurance and burn cream package) on my scooter between my legs! Yes, it could have been nasty had the battery sparked and set it off, but hey I am a risk taker now!

Here is the pre-ignition stage of the Bunker Buster firework, viewed from my safely seated position behind grandmas, grandads and children! Jim needed to clear his garden of the leaves, bushes, fences, garage etc anyway!

Of course there were lots of:

Ooohs and arrrrrrhs when the fireworks went off. The biggest arrrrrrrrh was, of course, reserved for the most pathetic firework!!

That’s it for this week folks. My next post is planned to be a serious one on research. An update, but also a thought-provoking one, I hope.

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See you all soon readers!