This very short post is announcing a significant change to my blog!

“Oooooh Lee!”

”What is happening with onein400 that is so earth shattering?”

Don’t worry, readers. My blog is continuing with its usual rough mix of day to day messy life along with serious dialogues and comment on MND Research.

Phew I hear you gasp in total and absolute relief!

I am simply changing the name of my blog from onein400 to onein300.

Why Lee?

Some of my readers will know that I originally created the blog, partly, to promote the lifetime risk of MND as a more compelling and very real statistic to raise awareness. I used 1 in 400 as that was the calculated risk up until the age of 75, approximately.

However, when I finally received agreement from the MND Association to accept the new statistic as central to their core statistics, they went even further. Quite rightly, they used 1 in 300, which is the whole of life risk!

This was both good and bad. It was good for awareness (if I can say an increased chance of getting MND is good!) but bad for my website address. I decided back then, to retain the use of onein400 in my blog. However, over time I have detected some confusion by my loyal readers, and to be honest, I need to unify my blog with the statistic used by the MND Association.

So as of right now, I am using!

The old website address will continue to work, but over the next few weeks I will change the site so it is primarily using As I say, all links will still work with onein400, but it will be relegated from use.

Onein400 is no more. Long live onein300!!!

Thanks and back very soon with yet another vibrant edition of a brand new blog!

Best wishes to one and all.

Onein300 (The Artist Formerly formerly as onein400)