The Artist Formerly Known As….

This very short post is announcing a significant change to my blog! “Oooooh Lee!” ”What is happening with onein400 that is so earth shattering?”

The Ride

This week, the MNDAssociation launched its new Awareness campaign, #TakeOverMND.

Welcome 2016!

Wow another year! There is a real science to posting on social media; the right time of day, with photos, getting “mentioned” etc. But as it is the morning after the night before I think that is out the window! I suspect many of you can only just about focus on your cup of coffee!…

Is MND (ALS) really a rare disease?

MND is one of a number of Neuro-degenerative diseases, and one of the most feared conditions. Neuro-degenerative diseases are on the increase, and in the UK alone our Health spend on such diseases increased by 40% in the last 3 years. This is only going one way. There is a lot of science behind this…