What a week! Major world story! Lord Lee Bragg has gone and disappeared!

Something has driven him underground!

Firstly, best wishes to all of my friends in the USA and I hope that things work out well following the other big news this week.

But where is Lord Bragg?! I hope he turns up.

Back to my week!

I am actually writing during breakfast, I am literally lost for words. Am I drying up? Is my blog about to become like Season 15 of a once well-loved and favourite boxset?

‘In tonight’s episode Lee contracts a fungal disease whilst cooking oven chips. Meanwhile Jean is too stressed to go to Yoga and decides to go vegan whilst……yawn…”

I am sitting in the Kitchen, with our dogs (Poppy and Dora), and we are all silent! Inspiration is really needed!

I have a list of things to do today, constructed by Jean. Memo pads are now her preferred communication method.


I might just work my way through them in order. “Dum de, dum, de dum…..

First one. I have to book a hospital session to get “foot lifts” that will help keep my feet from tripping as much as possible. Ok, let’s do it……. Done. Tick.

Second item, send an email to friend reminding them of dinner on Tuesday night – Done.

Item 3. Write blog. YES, YES!! I am doing it, give me a break!

Item 4. Our front door is being painted, as our new neighbours are doing a mass decorate. We have twin matching doors. I have to keep an ear out to make sure I open the door for the painters. It’s a good colour, nice blue. Arhhhhhh history.

Here I am 22 years ago when we bought the house.


I was pulling down the old front Porch, and rebuilding. I can’t do jobs like this any more. In fact you have more chance of me doing a Mexican cliff dive! Also my hair is a bit long and just look at that moustache! I think it’s a moustache, but there were a lot of slugs in that rotten wood!

Item 5. Call a roofer in. We have a small leak that we noticed after heavy rain. Joy!

The first couple of days this week were cold, like only a few degrees C. I must admit to being fearful. But I wrapped up warm and made any walk to a car quick. I have also been getting out on my trike, which I use for any walk more than 50 yards. It really has been liberating. I wonder if they will allow me inside the Coop with it!


Mind you, the fingerless gloves will have to be put away for the winter!

I met up with my MNDA association visitor, Sandy, on Tuesday afternoon. We met after my physio. Sandy is amazing and has been a guide to so many things, and I enjoy working with her to help raise awareness etc. The role AVs play is critical in the life of people living with MND. If you know anyone who is interested in such amazing volunteering, details can be found here – Association Visitors.

Item 6. Consider revealing some pieces of my Christmas card for you! Yes donations have reached an amount to start revealing pieces! Thank you so so much for all your donations so far.  I have had some questions about the nature of this card! Well, I gave an MNDA T-shirt to 3 of the Bragg family and asked them to send me a picture wearing the shirt to raise money. I only had one so they had to pass it around. All I can say is it is absolutely wrecked now!

Item 7.  I must do something constructive with my day!

So I caught up with my friend Jim on the phone, a fellow Villager living with MND. We discussed a whole load of things. The list of things that we are both being affected by is a problem shared and a problem halved. We discussed bits of plans, and it is always very helpful.

We were talking about typing on keyboards. As you know, not only do MND sufferers often lose their voice but slowly hand dexterity and movement may go. So being able to interact, as I talked about in my voice banking post, can ultimately involve eye-gaze technology. But before then there are other things that can be helpful. Losing hand dexterity might involve using a foot mouse, and/or voice-to text technology.

Talking of keyboards, I remember a guy at work changing over two keys of a friend’s computer keyboard over!! What an evil thing to do. I never play jokes on anyone.

Actually, I do remember playing a joke on a friend, who I knew had an outside toilet(restroom) in his house. I phoned him and pretended to be from the local authority and stating that as there was a shortage of public toilets in his area, his outside toilet was to requisitioned as a public use facility. I was phoning to discuss the erection of signs, and regulations. I had him!

On the subject of outside toilets, I also remember when Jean and I were with Howard, our son, aged about 3 at a friend’s house on a summer day. Howard said “I need a wee”. Jean said, “Ok I’ll take you upstairs to the toilet”, where upon our friend, said, “Just go outside“.

Ok, so, Howard went outside in the garden and did his wee up the garage wall! Our friend then amusing commented, “I meant the outside toilet!” Be precise, for heavens sake!

It’s time for Christmas card piece reveal!

Dah dah dah, de dah dah dah, Dah dah dah

Here’s the card.


To help complete the reveal by Christmas week, please share and encourage donations. Tell your friends about my blog, saying that it is brilliant! To donate to the MNDA please simply click on my One Way or Another just giving page.

Hold on Jean has left me a message!


Same time next week readers.