Afternoon all.  Another week in onein400 land. Winter is firmly coming in the UK, with autumnal signs all over the land.

First of all, here is another bit of the jigsaw removed out of the Braggs’ exciting MNDA fund-raising Christmas card!


Disappointed? Don’t worry, it will be worth the wait.

Because this weekend is “BBC Children in Need“, I will abstain from pestering you for cash today! But you do get this extra bit for free.

Remember, Lord Bragg and his team have been working overtime on this card. I imagine it can’t be as little time that Sainsbury’s spent thinking up their awful Christmas TV advert! For my American readers, Sainsbury’s is a major UK food store.

Right, now on with the week that was…..

On Monday I had an appointment here…


No not the Sexual Health Clinic!

Jean, wrong photo, idiot!

I went to our hospital outpatients for my ankle support fitting/examination. Mind you, with my rather pained slow walk, and beautiful wife by my side, it does look like I had experienced a rather passionate and violent accident! I think I’ll keep the pretence up!

A question for you. Why do hospital car parks have treacherous routes from the parking to the treatment rooms? There was a whole load of folk like me, with walking sticks, manoeuvring the steps, and the ultimate evil, “down ramps”. I am planning a protest for my next visit. I’ve already made some banners.



Meet at 9:30am, thereabouts, ish. Be prepared to chant!

Plasters, bandages and counseling will be available in Starbucks afterwards. If the weather is inclement, I suggest we cancel, as the resultant mess may be all too much to handle. Power to the flat!

Anyway, it was a simple appointment with a very nice man named Paul. Very funny guy. He went through a very slick fitting for these……..


Like a lot of things in life, they are simple miracles! No laser balancing or cyborg exoskeleton technology, just brutal mechanical brilliance.

These orthotics wrap around your ankle, and attach to your laces loop with a clip. They are designed to help keep your toes up thus giving more confidence on uneven surfaces. Basically if I catch a toe, the chance of me hitting the floor is high. So I am going to try these. However, I am not going to use them in the house. Using aids is a careful balance of sensible use and non use. If anyone has had experience of these, advice will be well received.

They are rather odd, and can make you feel like a pixie with pointy shoes! I was wondering why I have been asked to take part in the local Christmas pantomime!

The NHS are sending me a pair, as had to be ordered. However, when I got home, I simply ordered a spare pair on Amazon, and they arrived before the NHS ones! Just a little pointer that there are many ways in which the NHS can improve (Integrated ordering). Ooooh political, sorry readers.

On Tuesday, Jean and I went out to celebrate the Loy Krathong Festival, a very big event in Bangkok. We did it by eating at one of our favourite places, the Kennels in Goodwood, where they had prepared a wonderful Thai meal. The signs of autumn were really clear this night as during our meal, it rained and was a bit windy. On leaving, the roads were covered in blankets of leaves from the large trees. Quite a sight, and unusual driving experience.

On Thursday morning, I awoke to this. Glorious sun! It was cold, but I just got out of bed and got my cycling stuff on! Jean walked the dogs, and I cycled alongside (on my trike). Wow, what a great way to start the day.


On Friday, I had my first hydrotherapy!

Basically it was a great session in a small pool, chest deep, in which I was taken through a series of exercises to help me with balance.  Within the safe environment, I was able to put real effort into movements, and this focuses a lot on overall muscular tone. Balance is a combination of core as well as limb and back muscles. I really enjoyed it and I can recommend it to anyone who has balance issues. Thank you Jo.

I noticed Lord Bragg was in before me, but apparently he ignored the signs, and he was rapidly escorted off the premises. He keeps vanishing!


Finally this week……..

Christmas is nearly upon us and many of you will be shopping online for gifts for your loved ones. A story emerged that just goes to show, we must be careful online.

Lord Bragg would like to apologise for a rather unfortunate logistics problem on a couple of his e-commerce web sites.  A large number of the “Fluffy Toy Rabbits” ordered on Lord Bragg’s Sussex Toys’ website got mixed up with his other site, of a more adult nature. He has since sent a letter to all recipients of said items, apologising for any distress during the opening of the gift wrapped presents by expectant recipients. To compensate he has decided that if they could bear to touch the devices, all recipients could keep the free batteries, which could be used in other toys. He also pointed out that the recipients of the fluffy rabbits should not attempt to use for the purpose the purchasers had originally intended!

As thoughtful and progressive as ever, Lord Bragg.

Same time next week readers!