Our new neighbours moved in at the weekend, and we decided to visit and drop some wine off as a welcome present on Friday night just before they settled down to relax. Who could ask for more than a visit from the Millards?

It was a successful welcome, aside one small tiny weany issue on leaving their house. The front doors were still slightly wet in blue paint, and I, of course, had to hold on to bits of the doors to get safely down the door step and back into ours! Oh poo, look at the mess we found the next morning!  I did notice my hands after the event but just cleaned them before Jean could make a comment.

I didn’t get away with it though, due to the fingerprints. I said,  “I want a DNA test, M’Lord, to really prove it was me!


Jean had a go at me! “Pardon me for attempting not to fall into the step and causing absolute misery. I suggest a little bit of smeared blue paint is worth that!

All was rectified before our neighbours noticed, with a just a smidge of white spirit. Phew, that wouldn’t have been a good start!

Remember those ankle orthotics last week? Well I actually only opened the boxes after writing the blog and was all ready to test. It was very lucky I had ordered that spare “pair” I mentioned in my blog, as neither box was actually a pair!  Both the NHS ordered pair and my direct Amazon order was only a single “feet”, yes 1 foot! Slightly misleading I think, moan, moan! Anyway I contacted the hospital and yes they were fooled as well! Well, there certainly was a problem!

Memo to self – Must not order foot orthotics from “PIRATE Foot Orthotics” again!

This week I had two monthly bills I could negotiate on. I love negotiating, and I don’t understand why so many people don’t even try.

As my voice is slow and slurred, I always now tell call handlers what my issue is and to be honest it helps me relax. Perhaps they will go easy on me now?

Firstly, every year I phone Sky TV/Broadband and negotiate the monthly bill in return for one more year of our commitment. Everyone should do it. Be polite, and without saying “I am leaving” you can get any current offers for new customers applied to you. Boom, I rule, and one significant saving in the bag. I also had a lovely chat with Margaret from Glasgow. I hope to speak to you next year!!

The second was our dog insurance. Now this was a bit trickier as we have claimed before, so leaving an insurer was not really an option if we ever needed to claim on the same condition for one of our dogs. But even so, I was going to have a gentle attempt. That was until the phone was answered! A new technique has been employed by the call centre! No, not the lilting Irish or Scottish charm accents, but the sound of quite clearly an older gentleman, who sounded like he was working post retirement and was desperate! I just could not bring myself to push hard, and had a lovely conversation with Hugh and backed down! I can see a young guy laughing now after hanging the call up! It was a good impression if it was!

Now such ploys don’t work face to face. I remember once buying a car, the ultimate negotiation task. I started to discuss the price after agreeing to move forward, when they decided to switch sales people! Over was sent an attractive lady to take over. That didn’t work on me, I just went for the jugular! I am not sexist, she got the same treatment as the bloke would have got! Oh and Jean was with me.

On the subject of moaning, or being offended, you may have heard of the Snowflake generation. Well Lord Lee has reappeared and has been speaking at their annual conference presenting his infamous “Get over it” lecture. What a guy!


Winter marches on, and the good news is those evil leaves have nearly all gone. My walking needs to be so so precise now, and as I think I may have mentioned before, I have to think about every step, and go into a stressless state. I liken it to that moment just before you are examined by the doctor for piles! Breathe ……… relax and ……… walk!

I will leave you this week, with one of the funniest tv videos ever, in my opinion. This is from “French and Saunders”  shown many many years ago, and just gets funnier and funnier.  It was the inspiration for this week’s post title “Is there a problem?” I hope my International readers find this funny.

I forget!!! Ok guys, please consider donations to my MNDA Bragg Christmas card fund-raiser! Here is a polite button that will take you direct to my donation page. Lord Bragg told me to use the “Sir Bob Geldolf” approach and say “Give us your ******** money” as he did in Band Aid in 1985! I said, actually Lord Lee he didn’t say that, he said “**** the address, let’s give them the telephone numbers”. Anyway here is my politer request…….


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